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Who we are

PadMad is a social enterprise based in Kenya that works on addressing period poverty by providing a sustainable solution. We introduce Menstrual Health Management (MHM) and Sexual and Reproductive Health Rights (SRHR) education to underprivileged and marginalised communities. Our products are biodegradable, affordable, long-lasting and sustainable, and we are committed to environmental responsibility. Additionally, our pads are stitched in rural Kenyan communities, using locally produced materials, creating employment for marginalised women.

Our Mission

To keep as many girls as possible in school, and away from transactional sex; and to uplift lives and maintain dignity through improved tools for menstruation and to positively impact the environment through responsible waste management.


To Educate, Enable and Empower women and girls on hygiene, Menstrual Health Management (MHM) and Sexual Reproductive Health Rights (SRHR).
To empower marginalized women to manufacture the pads and participate meaningfully in local economies and raise their standings within households and communities building an overall healthy business, social and environmental ecosystem.


Making an impact on Women’s Health, Infection Control, Education, Water and Sanitation, the Economy and the Environment.

Meet the team

Madhvi and her team have managed to serve more than 10,000 adolescent girls since the launch of the initiative which is less than two years ago. On average a girl uses 20 pads a month. For 12 months,  she uses 240 pads and over a five year period, she would use 1,200. In essence PadMad has managed to save TWELVE MILLION disposable pads going into the landfill in just 14 months!!!

Madhvi, Padmad


PadMad’s founder, Madhvi Dalal, has a medical background(pharmacist) and is a dance and yoga instructor. Her mission is to improve lives. She has been working for a voluntary organization in the slums around Nairobi for five years leveraging her skills- dance and yoga to gain access and build relationships, and her medical background to design interventions. This has given her an insight into the Period poverty in Kenya, and the immediate needs of women and girls. Madhvi leads by example and has managed to work with thousands of teen girls and boys helping them with a sustainable solution.

Husband, Padmad


Chirav is a pharmacist and firmly endorses positive period. His motto is: bleed with pride. He likes to form and maintain relationships bringing awareness within the communities. He firmly believes in providing a sustainable solution which encompasses positive environmental, educational, health, empowerment and economical benefits.

Lady, Padmad


Gladys is a smiley and hearty motherly figure in the team. She loves what she does and likes to produce nothing less than perfect!

Lady, Padmad


Cynthia is an enthusiastic young lady who likes to create and share on different social media platforms.

Duke, Padmad


Duke has a passion for female empowerment and their education.

Lady, Padmad


Natasha has a passion for female empowerment, rights and education for them, by them.

Male, Padmad


Hossen is a perfectionist with years of experience in textile engineering.

Lady, Padmad


Joyce Lee is a specialist in M&E, programme management and social
business support with over 12 years of experience of working in the UN
and with social enterprises. She recently worked for mHub, a Malawian
innovation hub, to help social entrepreneurs accelerate their
ventures. During this time, she led the development of an impact
measure and management framework to track financial and social
returns, and worked with impact investors to develop relevant metrics
for the ventures. Prior to Malawi, Joyce co-managed a multi-million
dollar programme in Asia to integrate pro-poor environmental
management approaches into government financial and investment
decision making in nine countries. During her time in Asia, she also
provided technical advice to governments and UN agencies on a range of
issues including: climate change financing; natural resource
investments and sustainable urban development.

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