Our Contributions

No one has a choice of what life they are born into and what challenges they may face with it. However, there are people we meet who help change our lives forever.
This is what we want to do and what we want to change for the future of our girls

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End period poverty

We produce a variety of washable, biodegradable, 100% cotton, and reusable sanitary pads.
Our intention is to create a more sustainable environment, as well as help women gain access to necessities without having to discard the waste of plastic sanitary towels.

  • We are plastic free

  • We end period poverty

  • We teach menstrual education

  • We Bleed with Pride. Period

  • We are plastic free

  • We end period poverty

  • We teach menstrual education

  • We Bleed with Pride. Period

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Our fight for period health

We are grateful to be able to teach these young women the importance of menstrual hygiene management and sexual & reproductive health rights. Our intention is to create a more sustainable environment, as well as help women gain access to necessities without having to discard the waste of plastic sanitary towels.

Partner Logo, The Samburu Project

The Samburu Project

In 2022, The Samburu Project kicked off their menstrual hygiene workshop in Samburu at Nkaroni Primary School. The workshop was part of TSP’s project of targeting 1,500 girls in the delivery of menstrual supplies that will help them not miss out on school.

In patreship with Padmad we held a fun-filled workshop included teachings on image power and concluded with the delivery of menstrual hygiene kits to the girls

In 2021, we held a series of workshops. Our second workshop at Sionta Primary School (Samburu) was full of excitement and energy as we came across the most brilliant boys and girls who were able to share the enthusiasm for a cause they most certainly appreciated!

Thanks to our partnership with The Samburu Project, we have served 2,300 girls since December 2020.

A big thank you to our partnership with The Samburu Project as we have served 2,280 girls since December 2020.

The Samburu Project

Collaboration with Zinduka Kenya Foundation

Padmad is pleased to be a part of an initiative coordinated by Antonia Waskowiak, founder of Zinduka Kenya Foundation – who works intensively with the End-FGM Campaign. We were able to lead intensive workshops at Umoja Secondary School and Ewaso Girls School in Samburu. These included menstrual health management and sexual and reproductive health rights education to both the girls and boys present.

Zinduka has helped many girls across the country access sanitary pads. Thanks to our partnership Zinduka has helped girls to participate in Menstrual Heath Management (MHM), Sexual and Reproductive Health Rights (SRHR) and Female Genital Mutilation (FGM) education workshops.

The collaboration has resulted in the delivery of a substantial amount of reusable sanitary pads being delivered to school girls.

Liverpool Supporters Club – Kop Kenya joins hands with Padmad and World Marathon Record Holder, Eliud Kipchoge

In November 2019 Padmad partnered with Liverpool Supporters Club – Kop Kenya in order to distribute 337 deluxe PadMad kits (each kit would last a lady circa 5 years)

In June 2020 Madhvi Dalal teamed up with world marathon record holder Eliud Kipchoge to distribute 35 deluxe PadMad kits to women in need.

Liverpool Supporters Club – KOP Kenya donated Ksh. 217,000.00 worth of Deluxe sanitary pad kits from Padmad.

Liverpool Supporters Club - KOP Kenya

CHANDARIA- Langata Women’s Maximum Security Prison

Padmad is a stakeholder in a clothing, textile and bakery workshop to be launched at the Langata Women’s Maximum Security Prison. The workshop is an initiative of Manubhai Chandaria in collaboration with other stakeholders.

The unit will feature a fully functional bakery and manufacturing unity for reusable sanitary pads as well as fashion garments and state of the art machinery. A pilot project, one of its kind in Kenya, may be rolled out to other prisons in the country, giving dignity and empowerment to women offenders whilst doing their time.

The opening ceremony took place today on Valentines Day 2022.

Reusable Pads Distribution Project

In partnership with Help Change Lives & Hope4Smile, we launched the Reusable Pads Distribution project in August 2021. The partnership has since seen the distribution of over 6,500 reusable sanitary kits have been donated to school girls across the nation.

Iris International Collaboration with USAID

PadMad collaborated with Iris International to launch a project that aims to inform first aiders about menstrual healthcare and its impact on women in the workforce.

These first aiders were fully equipped to disseminate this information and empowered to fight for dignified menstruation for working women!

Adequate menstrual healthcare enables women to be more efficient and productive at work during their periods. Not only does this benefit companies, but it brings us a step closer to achieving Women’s Economic Empowerment

Madhvi Dalal, our founder, educated women at Thika Cloth Mills on how to use environmentally friendly sanitary wear at the launch of a USAID project powered by IRIS international. Thika Cloth Mills was the first company in Africa to take on board to improve corporate Menstrual Hygiene Management within the workplace.

Pendo Africa

PadMad was part of a campaign in partnership with ZR Consultant, City Retreats and Pendo Africa for 516 women and girls that donated pads to lovely mothers admitted at the Kapenguria County Teaching and Referral Hospital distributing our 100% cotton, biodegradable reusable sanitary pads to 516 girls in West Pokot.

Watch the video below:

Lamu Yoga Festival

Thanks to an initiative by the Lamu Yoga Festival and BananaHouse Lamu, many girls have received a pack of reusable sanitary pads. Some of the schools served include; Lamu Bridge Academy, Manda Secondary School, Shela Bright Secondary School and more.

More than 1700 reusable sanitary kits have been donated to the Lamu Community so far.

Eliud Kipchoge

In November 2019, we partnered with Liverpool Supporters Club – Kop Kenya, The Samburu Project, Pendo Africa and ZR Consultants with City Retreats. End result: the partnership raised enough funds to distribute numerous deluxe PadMad kits together with (world marathon record holder) EliudKipchoge.

Eliud Kipchoge traveled to Eldoret, Nandi, West Pokot and Samburu with us to empower boys and girls and distribute the pad kits.

The areas we have helped

There are areas and places across Kenya where we have helped underprivileged girls lead a hygienic life.