PadMad founder, Madhvi Dalal is one of five people who were chosen to speak on behalf of award winning athlete, avid philanthropist, and dear friend Eliud Kilchoge, in both an article and a documentary run by Nike.

It is an honour for both her and the company to represent such an inspirational man “Child marriages and early pregnancies are common in this part of the country,” says Madhvi. “I teach the girls about menstrual health and sexual rights. But Kipchoge taught them so much more. He said, ‘Vitamin N is the right to say no. And that’s more important than any vitamin. You have the right to say no.’ He also said, ‘Your best friend is a book.’ And so many girls remembered this. Two months later, when people asked, ‘What do you want to do when you grow older?’ They said they wanted to be engineers, pilots, etcetera. He gave them hope

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