Why switch from disposable to reusable? Cheaper - save money in the long run Reusable - great for your sense of style Eco-friendly - great for the planet No dioxins or BPA - leave your health intact The Trial Kit contains: 1 small liner 1 small holder  1 daytime pad 1 night time pad All of our pads have different colourful Kitenge patterns and the contents may vary from the pictures. Our measurements:  When buttoned up: Large night time pad: 23.5cm by 9cm Small daytime pad: 19cm by 7.5cm Small holder: 19cm by 7cm Small liner: 15cm by 6cm    When open:  Large night time pad: 23.5cm by 18cm Small pad: 19cm by 17.5cm Small holder: 19cm by 17cm Small liner: 16.5cm by 6.5cm