Deluxe Menstrual Pad Kit


Why switch from disposable to reusable?

Cheaper – save money in the long run

Reusable – great for your sense of style

Eco-friendly – great for the planet

No dioxins or BPA – leave your health intact

Contribute to the advancement of women’s health

The Deluxe Pad Kit contains:

5 small liners

1 small holder

2 daytime pads

2 night time pads

All of our pads have different colourful Kitenge patterns and the contents may vary from the pictures.

Our measurements:

When buttoned up:

Large night time pad: 24cm by 9cm

Small daytime pad: 20cm by 8cm

Small holder: 20cm by 8cm

Small liner: 16.5cm by 6.5cm


When open:

Large night time pad: 24cm by 18cm

Small pad: 20cm by 17.5cm

Small holder: 20cm by 17cm

Small liner: 16.5cm by 6.5cm




Our pads are:

Reversible – a choice of two colourful sides

With wings – for extra security and confidence

With button – for easy fastening and carrying

100% cotton – for eco-friendliness and comfort

Patterned – funky Kitenge designs

Highly absorbable middle section – ideal for heavy flows

Natural and unscented – giving sensitive areas a breathable experience

Biodegradable – help the planet while helping yourself

Dioxin and BPA free – allowing you to feel secure in your health

The pads are made of funky colourful African print, are reversible, highly absorbable, natural and unscented with wings.


Additional information

Weight 0.174 kg
Dimensions 25.7 × 15 × 4.5 cm


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