People. Reusable sanitary pads

Who we are

PadMad is an initiative committed to improving women’s health through environmentally responsible action. Through education, empowerment, and sustainability we aim to work towards ending period poverty.

What we do

We create employment for marginalised women, who make reusable cloth pads using locally produced materials. As well as delivering our pads to girls and women in need, we also educate children on MHM & SRHR.

People. Reusable sanitary pads

Who makes the pads

We are proud to have an all female production team who we have trained to stitch our absorbent reusable pads. Most of these women come from underprivileged and marginalised backgrounds and feel empowered to be able to earn a living through the PadMad initiative. They work with a smile to ensure the quality of our pads is upheld.

Natasha Wairamu

Brand Ambassador

Natasha has a passion for female empowerment, rights and education for them, by them.

Gladys Wayua

Head Tailor

Gladys is a smiley and hearty motherly figure in the team. She loves what she does and likes to produce nothing less than perfect!
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What we produce

We produce a variety of washable, hygenic, 100% cotton, cloth pads. Our mission is to provide comfort and a sense of security for girls out there who can’t afford expensive pads.

How to use pads

Click on this link to watch a short video on how to use and clean our cloth pads with 5 simple steps.


PadMad initiative recognised by UNICEF

The programme has benefited thousands of girls and boys across Kenya. It is keeping the girls in school, and preventing them from resorting to prostitution to pay for disposable pads. PadMad pads are made from 100% cotton and are entirely eco-friendly and significantly cheaper than alternatives. In turn, Madhvi has built her larger vision to make the programme self-sustaining, by empowering women at the heart of this social-entrepreneurial model. As part of its programme, PadMad and its partners generate employment for hundreds of women in underprivileged parts of Kenya that make these reusable sanitary pads.

The reusable pads you gave me have done a great change in my life. For instance, I can say that it has saved my parents cost of buying the disposable pads. They have also made me comfortable as now I can concentrate most on my studies than always thinking how I will manage to buy the pads.

Lady in need

From us Kanaani girls we say thanks because you helped us from skin rashes and other problems. Thanks for also helping us to know how to make them. Thank you and come back again.

Lady in need

Mmm! How happy I am. Your pads have helped me so much. The pads prevent me from infection. They only pads that I will be using for all my life!

Irene Mijthe

Since we left with you, we hope that you are doing great. I just thank you for the great time you had with us, and we also pray that God my continue granting you good life and health. We really appriciate on what important thing you did to us. This is because there are most of us to buy sanitary towels.

Lady in need
  • They don’t burn like the non-reusable pads.
  • They are more comfortable than the non-reusable pads.
  • They are easy to operate
  • They reduce cramps
  • They are easily available

Thank you for the reuseable pads I need more things to be taught May God bless you abundantly.

Marian Cherotich

To the pads that you shared to us we really loved them and hoped to get another ones, again. The pads were fitting and very comfortable, it makes one relax and enjoy the day well without worry and hope.

Girl in need

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